The Aims and Objectives of the Center

By pursuing the following aims and objectives The Roman Ingarden Center for Philosophical Research shall:

  1. Execute a broad scope of research on the philosophy and scientific activities of Roman Ingarden.
  2. Archive the bibliographical recording and documentation of publications, conference and convention appearances, as well as foreign and domestic lectures of Roman Ingarden.
  3. Archive all publications devoted to Roman Ingarden, as well as all other activities undertaken by philosophical societies and associations as well as scholarly work on the philosopher.
  4. Promote Roman Ingarden’s thinking, phenomenology, and all philosophies recognizing the phenomenological concept of philosophy as a reliable science through: educational programs, organization of conferences and conventions, readings, congresses, seminars, lectures, meetings, and exhibitions.
  5. Provide all necessary assistance to third parties working on the translation, publication, or promotion of Roman Ingarden’s philosophy and phenomenology.
  6. Collect biographical and scholarly data on Roman Ingarden’s audience, seminarians and students dating back to the L’viv and Krakow periods.
  7. Publish on the Center’s website scholarly and promotional works devoted to Polish researchers for whom phenomenology is a contemporary and important method of philosophical research.
  8. Collaborate with similar institutions and organizations with similar aims, especially the Roman Ingarden Digital Archive.
  9. Finance the Roman Ingarden Award for the best PhD dissertation in Western philosophy dedicated to the subject of Roman Ingarden’s philosophy. The announcement of the first edition of said award shall take place at the event titled Roman Ingarden and Our Times. An International Philosophical Congress 2020.