The Cooperation between the Center and the Archive

The Board of the Roman Ingarden Philosophical Research Center has set itself the goal of collaborating with Polish and foreign institutions that contribute to the advancement of knowledge concerning Roman Ingarden, his activities and achievements as well as the accomplishments of the Polish School of phenomenology at an international level. The activities of the Center up to the year 2016 were focused on securing the scholarly heritage of the Polish phenomenologist and promoting his philosophy. Since 2017, the efforts have been supported by the Roman Ingarden Digital Archive.

One of the fundamental principles of cooperation between the Center and the Archive is to provide a platform for extensive research and promotion of the Polish philosopher. The collaborative structure of the two entities has significantly broadened the aim and scope of these efforts. Historical research on the epistolary legacy of the Polish philosopher has been coupled with philosophical research on his scholarly legacy. The equitable membership and cooperation structure now embodies the need to supplement and enrich knowledge about the outstanding Polish phenomenologist. This is the key direction for the work and activities of the members of the Board and Scientific Council of the Roman Ingarden Center for Philosophical Research and the founders of the Roman Ingarden Digital Archive.